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Native American Legends: Wakan Tanka (Wakataka)

Name: Wakan Tanka
Tribal affiliation: Lakota, Dakota
Alternate spellings: Wakantanka, Wakan-Tanka, Wakataka
Pronunciation: wah-kahn tahn-kah
Also known as: Great Mystery
Type: High god, Creator
Related figures in other tribes: Wakanda (Omaha), Earth-maker (Ho-chunk), Gitche Manitou (Ojibway)

Wakan Tanka is the great Creator power of the Lakota and Dakota tribes. Wakan Tanka is an abstract, omnipresent creative force who is never personified in traditional Siouan legends, and in fact did not even have a gender before the introduction of English with its gender-specific pronouns.

Wakan Tanka Stories

    Wikipedia article about the Great Mystery.

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