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Native American Nature Spirits of Myth and Legend

Native American Nature Spirits From Various Tribes

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Names of Specific Native American Nature Spirits

Animikii (Anishinabe nature spirit)
Atwuskniges (Wabanaki nature spirit)
Biboon (Anishinabe nature spirit)
Bmola (Penobscot nature spirit)
Canotina (Sioux nature spirits)
Chigwe (Potawatomi nature spirit)
Chibaloch (Wabanaki nature spirit)
*Cyclone Man (Shawnee nature spirit)
Deer Lady (Potawatomi nature spirit)
*Earth People (Osage earth spirits)
Half-Way People (Mi'kmaq nature spirits)
*Hinu (Iroquois thunder spirit)
*The Little Thunders (Seminole nature spirits)
Lampeqin (Wabanaki nature spirit)
Mandamin (Ojibwe nature spirit)
Mikm (Wabanaki nature spirits)
Nakuset (Mi'kmaq nature god)
*Nanyehi (Cherokee nature spirits)
Nehwas (Passamaquoddy nature spirit)
Nibanaba (Ojibwe nature spirit)
Nickommo (Wampanoag nature spirit)
Pinesi (Anishinabe nature spirit)
Puckwudgie (Algonquian nature spirit)
Sasquatch (Coast Salish nature spirit)
Sedna (Inuit nature goddess)
Selu (Cherokee nature goddess)
Seven Thunders (Wabanaki nature spirits)
*Stone Throwers (Iroquois nature spirits)
Thunderbird (Plains Indian nature spirit)
The Thunderers (Cherokee nature spirits)
Thunders (Iroquois nature spirits)
*Tinihowi (Achumawi nature spirit guides)
Turn Over (Wabanaki nature spirit)
Wakinyan (Sioux nature spirit)
Wanagames (Wabanaki nature spirits)
*Water Baby (Western Indian nature spirit)
Whirlwind Woman (Arikara nature spirit)
Wiklatmu'j (Mi'kmaq nature spirit)
Wild Indians (Catawba nature spirits)
Wind Eagle (Wabanaki nature spirit)
*Woodsmen (Alaskan Athabaskan nature spirits)

Native American Nature Spirit Stories

Gluscabi and the Wind Eagle * Why We Need Wind * The Bird whose Wings Made the Wind:
    Wabanaki Indian stories in which a wind spirit teaches the culture hero Gluskabe the importance of balance in nature. *Arrowhead Finger:
    Penobscot Indian legend about a medicine spirit child who taught the people respect for plants.
How Bear Became Keeper of the Medicines * The Alligator and the Hunter:
    American Indian legends about spirit animals bringing medicine or sacred songs to the people.
*The Elk Spirit of Lost Lake:
    Wasco legend about a man and his nature spirit guide.
*The Flood:
    Caddo legend about a nature spirit that punished the people with a flood for desecrating dead animals.

Recommended Books about Nature Spirits in Native American Mythology
Our organization earns a commission from any book bought through these links

Spirits of the Earth: A Guide to Native American Nature Symbols, Stories, and Ceremonies:
    Book by a Karuk elder about the meanings of Indian nature spirits, illustrated by traditional tales from different tribes.
Weather Legends: Native American Lore and Science of Weather:
    Collection of weather myths from various Native American tribes.
Shared Spirit: Wildlife and Native Americans:
    Story book highlighting the connections between native animals and people.
Native Plant Stories:
    Excellent collection of Native American stories about plants and the natural world, by Abenaki storyteller Joseph Bruchac.
White Wolf Woman: Native American Transformation Myths:
    Collection of Native American legends from different tribes about humans transforming into animals and animals transforming into humans.

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