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Native American Legends: Nishanu (Nesaru)

Name: Nishanu
Tribal affiliation: Arikara
Alternate spellings: Neshanu, Neeshaanu, Nesaru, Neshanu Natchitak
Pronunciation: neh-shah-noo
Type: Creator, high god
Related figures in other tribes: Tirawa Atius (Pawnee), First Creator (Mandan), Earthmaker (Ho-chunk)

Nishanu is the Arikara name for the Great Spirit or God. Literally, "Neshanu Natchitak" means "the Chief Above." He is usually just called Nishanu ("Chief" or "Lord"), which is still used as the Arikara word for God today.

Nishanu Stories

How Corn Came To The Earth:
    Arikara legend about Nesaru and the creation of Corn. ">Arikara Creation Myth
    A shorter version of the Arikara creation story.

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Myths and Traditions of the Arikara Indians:
    Collection of Arikara legends and oral history.

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