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Ona Indian Language (Selknam)

Ona is a Chon language of Argentina. It is most closely related to the Tehuelche language. Ona is a seriously endangered language, still spoken today by only a handful of elders on Tierra del Fuego. Some linguists consider Ona and Selknam to have been distinct languages while others consider them dialects of a single language, but with so few speakers surviving, the point is nearly moot.

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Ona Language Resources

Ona Words
     Our list of vocabulary words in the Ona language, with comparison to words in Tehuelche.
Ona Indian Language * Ona Phonology * Ona Grammar:
    Scanned-in Ona language materials from the Rosetta Project.
    Archive of Ona language recordings available for download.
La Lengua Ona:
    Information on Ona including history, vocabulary, an audio file, and a linguistic map of South America. Page in Spanish.
Ona Prayers:
    Ona translation of the Lord's Prayer and other Christian prayers.
House of Languages: Selknam:
    Information about Selknam language usage.
Ona Language:
     Demographic information on Ona from the Ethnologue of Languages.
     Wikipedia entry on the Ona language.
Ona Language Tree:
    Theories about Ona's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Selknam Language Structures:
    Selk'nam linguistic profile and academic bibliography.

Ona Culture and History Links

The Ona Culture:
     History and photographs about the Ona Indians of Tierra del Fuego.

Books for sale on the Onas
Our organization earns a commission from any book bought through these links

Folk Literature of the Selknam Indians:
    Collection of Ona Indian folklore and traditional stories.

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Links, References, and Additional Information

  Wikipedia: Selk'nam:
  Encyclopedia articles about the Ona tribe.
  Selknam * Los Selknam (Onas) * Los Ona:
  Information about the Onas in Spanish.

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