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Native American Legends: Sasquatch (Sesquac)

Name: Sasquatch
Tribal affiliation: Halkomelem, Coast Salish, Squamish, Sto:lo, Cowichan
Alternate spellings: Sasq'ets, Sesq'ec, Sesqec, Sacsquec, Saskehavas, Sesquac
Pronunciation: sess-k-uts
Type: Bigfoot, forest spirit

Sasquatch is the most famous legendary "bigfoot" creature. According to Halkomelem and other Coast Salish traditions, Sasquatch was a powerful but generally benign supernatural creature in the shape of a very large, hairy wild man. Its Halkomelem name is pronounced similar to sess-k-uts.

Sasquatch Stories

Choanito, Sc'wanay'tex and Skanicum:
    Legends and oral history about Native American Sasquatch creatures in Washington state.

Recommended Books of Native American Sasquatch Legends
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    Illustrated story-book about the Sto:lo Indian sasquatch, in English and Halkomelem.

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