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Native American Sea Monsters of Myth and Legend

Native American Sea Monsters from Various Tribes

Sea Serpents

Names of Specific Native American Sea Monsters

Apotamkin (Maliseet-Passamaquoddy Indian sea monster)
Gugu (Wabanaki Indian sea monster)
Gunakadeit (Tlingit Indian sea monster)

Native American Sea Monster Stories

The Legend of the Sea-Monster:
    Squamish legend of the 'Salt-Chuck Oluk' sea monster.

Recommended Books about Sea Monsters in Native American Mythology
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The Sea Serpent's Daughter:
    Picture book based on a Brazilian Indian legend about how sea monsters brought nighttime to the people.
The Sea Monster's Secret:
    Picture book based on Tlingit legends about a man who becomes a Gunakadeit sea monster to feed his village.

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