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Suruwaha Indian Language (Suruaha, Zuruaha)

Suruwaha is an Arawan language of South America, spoken by around 150 people in Brazil. They are also known as the Suruaha, Zuruaha, Suruwahá, Sorowahá, Sorowaha, Zuruahá, or Suruahá.

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Suruwaha Language Resources

Ethnologue: Suruahá:
    Demographic information on the Suruwaha language.
La Lengua Suruwaha:
    Suruwaha language information including linguistic maps of Brazil. Page in Spanish.
Suruwaha Language Tree:
    Theories about Suruwaha's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Wikipedia: Suruwaha:
    Encyclopedia entry on the Suruwaha language.

Suruwaha Culture and History

Indigenous Peoples of Brazil: Zuruahã:
    Online ethnography of the Zuruahã people.

Links, References, and Additional Information

Zuruahã People:
Encyclopedia articles about the Saliba tribe.
Povo Zuruaha:
Information about the Zuruaha in Portuguese.

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