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Tutchone Language (Selkirk)

Tutchone is an Athabaskan language of Northern Canada, spoken by about 400 people in the Yukon. Two dialects of this language, Northern Tutchone and Southern Tutchone, are possible but difficult for speakers of the other dialect to understand and are considered separate languages by some linguists.

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Tutchone Language Resources

Northern Tutchone Language * Southern Tutchone Language
     Overview of Tutchone from the Yukon Native Language Centre, who also sells Tutchone and other Athabaskan language materials.
Athapaskan Languages of Canada
     Place names in Tutchone, Slave, and Beaver.
Athapaskan Languages of Canada
     Place names in Tutchone, Slave, and Beaver.
Tutchtone Language Plaque
     Canadian human rights tribute written in Tutchone.
House of Languages: Tutchone:
    Information about Tutchone language usage.
Southern Tutchone * Northern Tutchone
     Tutchone demographic information from the Ethnologue of Languages.
Northern Tutchone Language Tree * Southern Tutchone Language Tree:
    Theories about Tutchone's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Tutchone Language Structures:
    Northern Tutchone linguistic profile and academic bibliography.

Tutchone Culture and History Links

Selkirk First Nation
     Community profile and history of the Northern Tutchone people of the Yukon.
    History of the Tutchone nation in Canada.
Tutchone Legends:
    Collection of Tutchone mythology and traditional stories.
Canadian Peoples: Na-Dene:
    Ethnography of the Tutchone and other Athabaskan nations.
Athapaskan Women's Costumes and Ornaments:
    Photographs and descriptions of Dene, Tutchone, Koyukon, and Slavey traditional clothing.
Gateway to Aboriginal Heritage: Tutchone:
    Online exhibit of Tutchone artifacts from the Canadian Museum of Civilization.
Tommy McGinty's Northern Tutchone Story of Crow: A First Nation Elder Recounts the Creation of the World
     Book of Tutchone legends and spirituality for sale online.

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Additional Resources, Links, and References

  Peuples autochtones de la a zone boréale:
  Information about the Tutchone and other First Nations of Northern Canada in French.
   Lengua Tutchone:
   Information about the Tutchone language in Spanish.

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