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Vocabulary in Native American Languages: Wampanoag/Massachusett Words

Welcome to our Wampanoag vocabulary page! Wampanoag is an Algonquian language, related to other languages like Lenape and Ojibway. We have included twenty basic Wampanoag words here, to compare with related American Indian languages. You can find more Wampanoag Indian words in our online picture glossaries. If you'd like to know a word that is not in these wordlists, you can take part in our Indian translations fundraiser or visit our main Wampanoag language site for more free resources.

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Wampanoag Word Set

The Wampanoag language has not been natively spoken by the community in many years, so these vocabulary words come from 18th- and 19th-century sources and their pronunciation is uncertain. Some of the Wampanoag tribal groups in Massachusetts are working on reviving their language with a new orthography (writing system) similar to the ones used by other Algonquian-speaking tribes. They haven't yet published a dictionary or language learning book but once they do, we'll be sure to link to it here to help with pronunciation.

English (Français) Wampanoag words
One (Un) Aquit
Two (Deux) Nees
Three (Trois) Nis
Four (Quatre) Yoaw
Five (Cinq) Abbona
Man (Homme) Sannup
Woman (Femme) Squaw
Dog (Chien) Aunum
Sun (Soleil) Cone
Moon (Lune) Appause
Water (Eau) Nippe
White (Blanc) Wompey
Red (Rouge) Squi
House (Maison) Wigwam
Mother (Mère) Nitka
Father (Père) Noeshow
Bone (Os) Muskana
Head (Tete) Boquoquo
Hand (Main) Nitchicke

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Wampanoag Picture Dictionaries

Here are some themed Wampanoag word lists we have put together and illustrated for language learners. Feel free to print them out for classroom purposes!

*Wampanoag animal words

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