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Aguaruna Culture and History

As a complement to our Aguaruna language information, here is our collection of indexed links about the Aguaruna tribe and their society.

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The emphasis of these pages is on Aguarunas and other American Indians as living people with a present and a future as well as a past. Aguaruna history is interesting and important, but the Aguaruna Indians are still here today, too, and we try to feature modern writers as well as traditional folklore, contemporary art as well as museum pieces, and issues and struggles of today as well as the tragedies of yesterday. Suggestions for new links are always welcome.

Our Aguaruna Websites

Aguaruna Language:
    Information and language learning materials from the Aguaruna Indian language.

Books for sale on the Aguaruna Indians
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Upriver: The Turbulent Life and Times of an Amazonian People:
    Interesting book about the contemporary struggles of the Awajun tribe.
Cultural Discontinuity: The New Social Face of the Awajun:
    Anthropology book about Aguaruna adaptations to the modern world.
Letters of Esther Carson Winans: Missionary to the Aguaruna Indians:
    Memoirs of a woman who lived among the Aguarunas.

Aguaruna Lifestyle and Tradition

Peru Linguistic Map * Tribes and Languages of Peru:
    Maps showing the areas in South America where Aguaruna people live.
The Jibaro Tribes:
    Map of the different Jivaro tribes in Ecuador and Peru.
Aguaruna Culture:
    History and traditions of the Peruvian Aguaruna tribe.
The Awajun of Peru:
    Cultural overview of the Awajun people.
Wikipedia: Aguaruna/Awajún:
    Encyclopedia article about the Aguarunas, including photographs and mythology.
The Aguaruna of Peru: Literacy Brings Defense:
    History of education and literacy among the Aguaruna Indians.
The Amazon Headhunters * Tsanta: Shrunken Heads of the Jivaro Indians * Tsantsa
    Indian Head-Hunters of the Interior:
    Articles on the custom of head-shrinking among the Jivaros.
Evaristo Nugkuag-Ikanan:
    1986 speech by the Aguaruna Indian leader, highlighting his people's struggle for independence.
Aguaruna Headdresses:
    Photographs of traditional Aguaruna feather headdresses.
    Information about a traditional Aguaruna instrument.
Three Aguaruna Hallucinogens:
    Anthropology article about medicinal plant use in the Aguaruna tribe.
Digital Awajun:
    Article on the Awajun tribe's use of modernization to preserve their culture.
New Conflict Over Exploitation of Awajun Territory * We Awajun Women Are Warriors:
    Articles about indigenous Awajun struggles with the aftereffects of colonialism.
Aguaruna Cultural Objects:
    Museum exhibit with photographs of Aguaruna baskets, clothing and other artifacts.

Links, References, and Additional Information

  Aguaruna People * Aguaruna of Peru:
  Encyclopedia articles on the Aguaruna Indians.
  Etnia Aguaruna * Tribu Aguaruna del Alto Mayo * Cultura Awajún * Los Indios Aguarunas:
  Information about the Aguarunas in Spanish.
  Aguaruna links.

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