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Native American Vocabulary: Anishinaabe Words

Welcome to our Anishinabe vocabulary page! Here is a comparison of Anishinabe words from Southwestern Ojibwe (as spoken in Minnesota), Ottawa, and Algonquin. Some linguists consider them separate languages, some consider them dialects of a single language, and others consider two of them to be the same language but the third to be separate. Here is a chart of the same words in all three languages, and you can judge for yourself:

Anishinaabe Word Sets

English (Franais) Algonquin Ojibwe Ottawa
One (Un) Pejig Bezhig Bezhig
Two (Deux) Nj Niizh Niizh
Three (Trois) Niswi Niswi Nswi
Four (Quatre) New Niiwin Niiwin
Five (Cinq) Nnan Naanan Naanan
Man (Homme) Inin Inini Nini
Woman (Femme) Ikwe Ikwe Kwe
Dog (Chien) Animosh Animosh Nimosh
Sun (Soleil) Kzis Giizis Giizis
Moon (Lune) Tibik-kzis Dibik-Giizis Dbik-Giizis
Water (Eau) Nib Nibi Nbi
White (Blanc) Wb Waabishki Waabshki
Yellow (Jaune) Ozw Ozaawi Zaawi
Red (Rouge) Miskw Misko Msko
Black (Noir) Makadew Makade Mkade
Eat (Manger) Mdjin Miijin or Wiisini Miijin
See (Voir) Wbi Waabi Waabi
Hear (Entendre) Nndam Noondam Noondam
Sing (Chanter) Nigamo Nagamo Ngamo
Leave (Partir) Mdj or Nagadn Maajaa or Nagazh Maajaa or Ngazh

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Anishinabe Picture Dictionaries

Here are some themed Anishinabe word lists we have put together and illustrated for language learners. Feel free to print them out for classroom purposes!

*Ojibwe animal words
*Algonquin animal words
*Ojibwe body parts
*Algonquin body parts

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