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Chapacura Language (Huachi, Chapacura)

Language: Chapacura, also known as Huachi, was a Chapacuran language of South America, once spoken in northern Bolivia. The Chapacura language is no longer spoken today, though the closely related language Moré is still used by some indigenous Bolivians. Although the Chapacura language is no longer spoken in the community, it still has the status of one of Bolivia's official languages due to its cultural and historical importance.

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Chapacura Language Resources

Chapacura Language Tree:
    Theories about Chapacura's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
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    Chapacura vocabulary list.

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Links, References, and Additional Information

Wikipedia: Chapacura language:
Encyclopedia article on the Chapacura Indians and their language.
Los Chapacura * Pueblos Indigenos: Chapacura * Los chapacuras y las tribus que resisten:
Information about the Chapacura people and other tribes of Bolivia in Spanish.

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