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Native American Indian Arts and Crafts

We get a lot of mail asking us to recommend websites where people can buy authentic American Indian arts and crafts.

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There are many imitations of Native American artwork out there, and it can be hard to tell the wheat from the chaff. It doesn't help that most Native American artists don't have websites, whereas every marketer of Chinese-made dreamcatcher knockoffs has at least twenty different URLs trying to sell their stuff.

So if you're looking for arts and crafts that were actually made by Native Americans, either because it's important to you to have the real thing or because you want to support native people with your purchase, here is our directory of American Indian artists whose work is available for sale online. If you have a website of Native American art (traditional, contemporary, or mixed) to add to this list, please let us know. We gladly advertise any individual native artist or native-owned art stores here free of charge, provided that all arts and crafts were made by tribally recognized American Indian, Inuit, or First Nations artists.

Thank you for your interest in Native American Indian art!

Native American Art Forms

If you're interested in a particular American Indian art form, please visit one of these picture galleries for background information, history, photographs, and links to Native American artists selling each of these types of artwork online:

Native American Jewelry         Dreamcatchers         Native American Rugs         Beadwork         Quillwork
Native American Clothing         Moccasins         Native American Pottery         Native American Baskets
Native American Carvings         Kachinas         Totem Poles         Native American Masks
Native American Pouches         Native American Drums         Native American Flutes         Native American Pipes
Native American Painting         Native American Greeting Cards         Native American Dolls
Southwestern American Indian Art         Northwest Coast American Indian Art

Native American Gifts and Crafts Shops

On our main site we do our best to avoid slowing down our page loading with graphics, but this page is about art, so we'd really be remiss in not showing a few representative Native American art pictures. All photos are the property of their respective artists; please visit their sites to see their artwork in more depth.

Sa-Cinn Native Art
First Nations arts and crafts shop offers a stunning array of Northwest Coast Indian art including bentwood boxes and silver jewelry in bear, raven, eagle, and killer whale designs.

American Indian Art and Gift Shop
California Indian basketry and other native crafts sold by a non-profit Indian cultural center.

A Gallery of Nations
Native-owned art store selling Zuni Indian jewelry, pottery, and fetish carvings.

The Wampum Shop
Beadwork, carvings, and other American Indian crafts by a Cayuga Indian artist.

Choctaw Art
Indian art gallery offering artwork, jewelry, folk art, and home decor by various Choctaw artists.

Wolf Den Northern Art and Crafts
Native American and Inuit carving, baskets, and other artwork from Canada.

Bear Canyon Art Galleries
Jewelry and other fine Southwest Indian crafts for sale from a Navajo-owned art store.

Navajo Works
Navajo family crafts store offering hand-made sand paintings, pottery, and gifts.

Ancient Ways Native American Arts
Nice selection of Native American crafts from a Shoshone Indian gift store, including beaded leather goods, painted buffalo robes, and traditional Plains lizard and turtle amulets.

Hopi Market
Hopi-owned store featuring kachinas, basketry, and other Native American art of the Southwest.

Seminole Marketplace
Seminole Indian crafts including patchwork clothing, palmetto dolls, and beading.

Algonquians Sweetgrass Gallery
Quill boxes, moccasins, and Native American gifts from an Ojibway-owned crafts store.

Native American Fine Art Studios

North West Native Art
Native American art gallery owned by a Haida woman. Featuring Pacific Northwest fashion labels and fine art.
Free Spirit Native Art Gallery
Online gallery of aboriginal Canadian art prints and carvings by Squamish and Inuit artists.
Inuit Art Foundation
Collection of fine Inuit carvings, prints, and crafts in traditional patterns. Proceeds support a non-profit Inuit organization.
Jackson Native Art
Klamath-owned online gallery of modern Native American art and sculpture from various tribal traditions.

Native American Art Books
(Affiliate links courtesy of

Native North American Art:
    A good overview of American Indian art history from ancient times to today.
Living with American Indian Art:
    A beautiful coffee-table book of traditional Indian arts and crafts from an intertribal museum collection.
North American Indian Art:
    Book by a Cree scholar on contemporary First Nations art.
All Roads Are Good: Native Voices on Life and Culture:
    Commentary by Indian artists on the meaning of the native arts and crafts of the Museum of the American Indian.
I Am Here: Two Thousand Years of Southwest Indian Arts and Culture:
    Photographs and history of Southwestern Native American artistic traditions.
Beauty, Honor, and Tradition: The Legacy of Plains Indian Shirts:
    Lovely photography book showcasing Plains Indian artwork, clothing and culture.
Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast:
    An overview of Northwest Indian art, design and symbolism. Many photographs and sketches.
Inuit Art:
    Photographs and history of Inuit artwork and symbols.
The Art of Mesoamerica:
    Illustrated textbook about indigenous art of Mexico and Central America.

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Native American Art Links

Here are some other good internet resources for learning about or purchasing Native American art:

*The Indian Arts and Crafts Act: US law against passing off fake American Indian crafts as genuine.
What constitutes Indian art fraud, and how to report it if you find it.
*Indian Arts and Crafts Association: Addresses of Native American artists who are members of the IACA.
This is a great way to find local tribal artists who don't have websites.
*Native American Indian Art: Pictures and descriptions of traditional native art forms,
and photographs and reviews of contemporary Indian artists.
*Native American Technology and Art: Information about Indian art and crafts of the east coast.
Also includes lesson plans for craft activities like making cornhusk dolls and dreamcatchers.
*American Indian Art Collections: Extensive online photo exhibits showcasing the art of Native Americans
from many different tribes.
*Native American Artist Resources: Links to Native Indian art cooperatives, interviews, artist pages, etc.
*North American Indian Art: Article by a Powhatan author about Native American tribal art in various Indian cultures.
*Indians 101: American Indian Art 100 Years Ago: Article on post-colonial Native American art.
*Alaska Native Artists: Image and video galleries of traditional Alaskan Indian art designs.
*Native American Rock Art of the Southwestern United States: Online image gallery of Southwest Indian petroglyphs and cave art.
*Southwest Indian Symbol Dictionary: Images of Navajo, Hopi and Zuni symbolic art motifs and explanation of their meanings.
*Institute of American Indian Arts: New Mexico art school dedicated to contemporary Native American and Alaskan Native arts.
*Native American Art Appraisal: Send us a photograph and we'll put it up online and see if anyone can identify it for you..
*Native American Cultures: View our pages for individual Indian tribes, most of which have artistic information.

About us: This website belongs to Native Languages of the Americas, an indigenous language non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting endangered Native American languages. We do not sell artwork ourselves, so if you are interested in buying some of the crafts featured on this page, please contact the artists directly. This is not an exhaustive list of Native American art--if you would like us to add your art site to this page, please contact us with your URL and tribal affiliation. We advertise any Native artist or Native-owned art business here free of charge.

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