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Chawasha Indian Tribe (Chaouacha)

The Chawasha Indians were a small tribe of southeastern Louisiana. Their language is poorly attested, and may have been a dialect of Chitimacha. The Chawasha were the victims of a French massacre in the 1700's, and the survivors merged into neighboring communities. The Chawasha tribe does not exist as a distinct tribal or cultural entity today.

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Chawasha Language Links

Chawasha Language Tree:
    Theories about Chawasha language relationships compiled by Linguist List.

Chawasha Culture and History Links

Chawasha Indians:
    Article on the Chawasha tribe from the Indian Tribes of North America.
Louisiana Indians: Washa and Chawasha:
    Information on the Washa and Chawasha tribes of Louisiana.
    Wikipedia article on the Chawasha Indians.
Four Directions: Chawasha:
    Timeline and links about Chawasha history.

Books for sale on the Chawasha Indians

Indian Tribes of the Lower Mississippi Valley:
    Book on the history of the Gulf and Mississippian tribes, including a chapter on the Chawasha.

Links, References, and Additional Information

Los tribus de Luisiana:
Information about the Chawashas and other Louisiana tribes in Spanish.

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