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Horacio Guarany

Horacio Guarany was an indigenous folk singer, author and activist of Argentina, who passed away recently in 2017 at the age of 91. Horacio was a mestizo (mixed-race) person, with his father being of the Guarani tribe and his mother being Euro-Argentinian. His Spanish name was Eraclio Catalin Rodríguez Cereijo. Since last names are not traditional among most Native American tribes, it is common for indigenous people in South America to use the name of their tribe or band as their surname.

As well as being a folk singer, Horacio was also an author of novels and a political activist, which caused him to be exiled from Argentina during the 1970's. However he is now widely recognized as one of the great artists of Argentina. One of his best-known songs is "Si se calla el cantor" which means "If the singer is silenced."

Music and Literature by Horacio Guarany
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20 Grandes Exitos de Horacio Guarany:
    A good greatest hits collection of folk music by Horacio Guarany.
Horacio Guarany en Vivo:
    Live album of Horacio Guarany performing in concert.
    Novel by Horacio Guarany available for sale online. (Book is in Spanish.)

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