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Mogollones (Mogollon Apaches)

There are two different Native American tribes referred to as "Mogollon" in English:

1) The ancient Mogollon Culture, a prehistoric indigenous group of the American Southwest. Their civilization flourished between 300-1250 AD.

2) The Mogollon Apaches, a historic Chiricahua Apache band of New Mexico also known as the Gilan Apaches. They merged with other Chiricahua bands, and most Mogollon Apache descendents live in Oklahoma today.

Both of these civilizations got their names because of their proximity to the Mogollon Mountains. "Mogollon" is not a Native American word; the mountain range was named after a Spanish politician, Governor Flores Mogollón. Neither of these two Native groups referred to themselves as Mogollon before colonization. The Mogollon Apache called themselves Bidanku or Nde, and the original name of the ancient Mogollones is not known.

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