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Vocabulary in Native American Languages: Jebero Words

Welcome to our Jebero vocabulary page! Jebero is a Cahuapanan language, related to other Peruvian languages like Chayahuita. We have included twenty basic Jebero words here, to compare with related American Indian languages. You can find more Jebero words in our online picture glossaries. If you'd like to know a word that is not in these wordlists, you can take part in our Native American words fundraiser or visit our main Jebero language site for more free resources.

Thanks for your interest in Native American languages!

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Jebero Word Set

English/Français/Español Jebero words
One/Un/Uno Ala'sa'
Two/Deux/Dos Katu'ta'
Three/Trois/Tres Kala
Four/Quatre/Cuatro Inkatu'
Five/Cinq/Cinco Allitulun
Man/Homme/Hombre Yuyu'
Woman/Femme/Mujer Ku'aper
Dog/Chien/Perro Ñiñi'wa
Sun/Soleil/Sol Ke'ki
Moon/Lune/Luna Duker
Water/Eau/Agua Dek
Stone/Pierre/Piedra La'pi
Black/Noir/Negro Ke'llulu
White/Blanc/Blanco Dadapu'su'
Big/Gros/Grande U'ni
Small/Petit/Pequeño U'ñisha
Fish/Poisson/Pez Samer
House/Maison/Casa Pidek

Click here to see Jebero vocabulary words compared to words in related Cahuapanan languages: Cahuapanan Indian Words

Jebero Picture Dictionaries

Here are some themed Jebero word lists we have put together and illustrated for language learners. Feel free to print them out for classroom purposes!

*Jebero animal words
*Jebero food words
*Jebero body parts
*Jebero color words
*Jebero number words

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