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The Name Angeni

Q: I am writing a story about a woman named Angela who joins a Native American tribe. I wanted her name to turn into Angeni, a name I found online. It's suppose to mean spirit angel, but from what tribe is not listed. Is this a true Indian name?

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A: Not exactly... Angeni is a Native American pronunciation of the English word "angel." (-: I think it would be reasonable for characters in your story to mispronounce her name in this way. Goodness knows that road went both directions-- many proper names that come from Indian words have been mangled so badly that native speakers can't even recognize them anymore!

The pronunciation "Angeni" comes from Algonquian languages that lack an "L" sound, such as Ojibwe and Potawatomi. Two other Native American pronunciations of the word "angel" are the Creek word Incila (pronounced in-chi-lah) and the Choctaw word Anchile (pronounced ahn-cheel).

Hope that helps, have a good day!
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