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Blackfoot features

Q: My dad said I am a Blackfoot Indian. I just met my dad so I don't know much about him. He has dark skin and hair, he looks Indian and his dad looks REALLY Indian but I look like my mom, blond & blue eyes, but my face looks like his and my body shape. It's just weird, I wanted to look like my dad, how did this happen? I thought the dark skin is supposed to come out more?

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A: Hi... well, I'm no geneticist, but I believe features like blue eyes, light skin, and blond hair are recessive, so although they may come out less than darker features, they still come out sometimes. Maybe your father's mother or one of his grandparents had a light complexion like you. If you've ever been to a reservation, you know that some Indians have lighter skin and some have darker skin, just like any other people. This was always true, but even more so now that many Indians have intermarried with white or black people. If it were me I wouldn't worry about it. Not everyone looks like their father. It shouldn't affect your relationship with him.

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