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Chippewa Weather

Q: I need to know what the weather was like and how the Chippewas adapted to it to live back before colonists. This is a required question on a report I have to do so if you could help I would really appreciate it.

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A: The Chippewas (also known as the Ojibways) live in the upper Midwest US (Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota) and further north in Canada. Cold winters with snow, mild summers. The weather hasn't changed too much-- you can learn more details from any almanac.

One adaptation to the snowy weather that you might want to research is snowshoes (aagimag, in the Ojibway language.) You can also visit our kids page,, for more information about Ojibway clothing, food and shelter, all of which was suited to the weather and environment.

Hope that helps, have a good day!
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