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Registering as a Kickapoo

Q: I am a full Kickapoo Indian born in Texas and I have been trying to be a full member of the Kickapoo Indians. Would it be possible for you to help me on information on how to get my children and I registered as a Kickapoo Indian. I am registered as a Metis in Canada but I need to get registered in USA since I was born here not in Canada.

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A: Thanks for writing, but we're really confused by your message. The Metis are mixed-race Canadian indigenous people. If you are neither mixed-race nor Canadian, why would you seek Metis status, and why would they give it to you? I hope you have not been the victim of some scam. Did you have to pay for this 'status'?

If you are a full-blood Kickapoo Indian from Texas then simply contact the Kickapoo tribe with the full names of your parents and they will confirm your tribal membership. Here is their contact information:

Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas
HC1 Box 9700
Eagle Pass, TX 78852

Good luck!
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