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The Name Lisiwinwi

Q: Hello, I collect police patches and one I have is from the Shawnee Tribe. On the patch it has LI-SI-WI-NWI... Can you translate what this means? I believe this patch is from Oklahoma...It also has Absentee on the patch, what does that mean? I can send a picture if you need to see it....Thank you very much.....Don

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A: Hi Don... Well, "Siwinwi" is the Shawnee word for "Shawnee". (-: It literally means "southerner." I assume "Lisiwinwi" is another form of the word... not being fluent in Shawnee, that's about as far as I can help you. Dashes are often inserted between syllables in Indian languages when they are written in the English alphabet so as to make them easier to read.

As for "Absentee," that is the name of one of the Shawnee tribes of Oklahoma, the Absentee Shawnee tribe.

Hope that helps!
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