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Maido Indians

Q: My husband and his family come from the Maido (spelling?) Indians. I believe that they are a California tribe. I came to your site looking for information on the Cherokee... My uncle had done some ansestry and discovered a link but it is not known if the Great great grandmother is Cherokee or not... just that she was Indian.

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A: Thanks for writing. You must mean the Maidu. We have some information about the Maidu languages (and links to a few Maidu tribes) at this page: Unfortunately, unlike Cherokee, there are only a few people left who remember the Maidu languages.

Good luck on your research--genealogy isn't our specialty, but you may want to see if you can find a copy of the book Student's Guide to Native American Genealogy in your local library. It provides an excellent introduction to the subject, especially for beginners, and many of our site's users have reported that it helped them track down an elusive ancestor.

Hope that helps!
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