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Mojave villages

Q: Can you please tell me about the Mojave's villages and houses, what they look like and what they are made of. I am in fourth grade and I have a project coming up that I have to do.

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A: The Mojave lived in houses which are sometimes called wickiups. Here is a picture of some wickiups: Those wickiups were built by another tribe, the Havasupai, but the Mojave built similar ones. They didn't have walls because it was really hot where they lived and rarely rained. Sometimes they put a lean-to wall on the side facing the sun so they could rest in the shade when they day got hot. In colder weather they would build another kind of house with walls insulated by mud.

Today, Mojave people do not live in these old-fashioned houses. They live in modern houses and apartment buildings just like other American kids.

Good luck on your project!
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