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Native American Mermaids of Myth and Legend

Native American Mermaids in Various Tribes

Halfway People (Mi'kmaq Indian mermaids)
Lumpeguin (Maliseet Indian mermaid)
Ne Hwas (Passamaquoddy Indian mermaid)
Nibiinaabe (Ojibway Indian mermaid)
*Water-Babies (Western Indian mermaids)

Native American Mermaid Stories

Ne Hwas, the Indian Mermaid:
    Passamaquoddy tale of two girls who turned into mermaids.
The Men Who Visited the Sun:
    Potawatomi legend about the origin of the first merman.
*The Lost Boy:
    Delaware story about a boy who married a mermaid.
*Legend of the Mermaid:
    Sekani Indian legend about a man who married a mermaid.
*Mermaid Tales from Native Tribes Abound:
    Synopses of Indian mermaid legends from several different tribes.

Recommended Books about Mermaids in Native American Mythology
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Mermaids and Medicine Women:
    Interesting book of Ojibwe folktales about mermaids and other female spirits, told by a Native author.
Mermaids and Mermen:
    Good kids' collection of mermaid stories from world mythology, including Native American lore.

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