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Monacan Tribe

The historical Monacan Indians were a small tribe of Virginia, allies of the Tutelo tribe. Their language was never well recorded, but may have been a Siouan language similar to Tutelo. After colonization, the Monacans were devastated by European diseases and warfare, and merged together with other Virginia tribes. There is still a Monacan tribe in Virginia today, although some of their tribal members descend from tribes other than the original Monacan tribe. By the same token, there are also Monacan descendants in other tribal communities of Viriginia, particularly the Tutelo-Saponi tribe.

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Monacan Language Links

Language of the Monacan Tribe:
    Article about a Monacan Indian woman researching her ancestral language.

Monacan Culture and History Links

Monacan Indian Nation:
    Homepage of the Monacan tribe today.
Monacan Ancestral Museum:
    Website of the Monacan Indian museum of Virginia.
Virginia's First Peoples: Monacan Nation:
    Overview of Monacan Indian history.
Monacan Tribe History:
    Information about the Monacan tribe from the Handbook of American Indians.
First woman chief of the Monacan tribe:
    Biography of Monacan chief Sharon Bryant.
Virginia's Monacan Indian Nation Seeks Recognition * Monacan recognition hinges on Senate:
    Virginia Tribes Reattempt Federal Recognition:
    News articles about the Monacan quest for federal recognition.
Monacan Nation Powwow Dancers * Monacan Indian Nation Pow-Wow * Monacan Pow Wow:
    Photos, information and a video from Monacan Indian pow-wows.
Virginia Indian History
     Collection of interesting materials on the Tutelo, Saponi, and Monacan Indians.
    Wikipedia article on the Monacan Indians.
Four Directions: Monacan:
    Timeline and links about Monacan history.

Books for sale on the Monacan Indians
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The Monacan Indian Nation of Virginia: The Drums of Life:
    Tribal history of the Monacan Indians, written by a Native author.
Monacans and Miners:
    Interesting anthropology book about indigenous and immigrant communities in Appalachia.
The Siouan Tribes of the East:
    Book on the history of the Southeast Siouan tribes, including a chapter on the Monacan confederacy.
The Monacan Indians: Our story:
    Historical information written by a Monacan tribal member.

Links, References, and Additional Information

Monacan Tribe:
Monacan links page.
Grupos Siouan de Virginia:
Information about the Monacans and other Viriginia Siouans in Spanish.

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