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Native American Legends: Godasiyo (Woman Chief)

Name: Godasiyo
Tribal affiliation: Seneca, Tuscarora
Alternate spellings: Go-Da-Si-Yo
Pronunciation: go-dah-see-yo
Also known as: Woman Chief
Type: Native American chief, legendary woman

In Seneca and Tuscarora mythology, Godasiyo was the original leader of the Iroquois people, until quarreling factions caused them to split into different tribes. Their lack of cooperation ultimately caused Godasiyo's departure (in some versions she is killed, while in others, she is so displeased by her people's infighting that she turns into a fish and leaves.) Without Godasiyo, the different Iroquois tribes ceased to be able to understand each other's languages. According to legend, the tribes remained hostile to each other until Hiawatha and the Peacemaker reunited them many generations later.

Godasiyo Stories

Godasiyo the Woman Chief * Tribes of Many Languages:
    Seneca legends about the legendary female Iroquois chief.

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