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American Indian Music and Other Audio

This page is our collection of links to good tapes and CD's by Native American musicians. If you would like to recommend a Native American book for this page or think one of the ones on here should be removed, please contact us telling us why.

Thanks, and happy listening!

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American Indian Music and Other Audio
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Up Where We Belong: * Illuminations: * Moonshot: * She Used To Wanna Be A Ballerina:
     Music by Cree folksinger Buffy Sainte-Marie.
Black Lodge Singers: * Tribute to the Elders: * People Dance: * Powwow People: * Kids' Pow-Wow Songs:
     Music by the popular Blackfoot drum group Black Lodge Singers
Dance Hard: * Showtime: * Here to Stay: * Honor Eagle Feather: * Come & Dance: * Songs of Caddo:
     Music from popular pow-wow band Northern Cree Singers.
Mawio'mi: * Tomegan Gospem:
     Music from Indian fusion-rock band Medicine Dream.
Echoes of the Night:
     Audio recordings of Abenaki storyteller Tsonakwa.
Gluskabe Stories:
     Audio cassette of Abenaki storytelling by Joseph Bruchac.
Band of Wild Indians: * Fingermonkey: * Circle:
     CDs by Ojibwe musician Keith Secola.
My Ojibway Experience:
     Music by Ojibway blues guitarist Billy Joe Green

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The Atikamekw The Beothuk Indians The Blackfoot Indians The Caddo Indians The Calusa Indians
The Catawba Indians The Cherokee Indians The Cheyenne Indian The Chickasaw Indians The Chippewa Indians
The Choctaw Indians The Coushatta Indians The Cree Indian The Creek Indians The Crow Indians
The Gros Ventre The Huron Indians The Illinois Indians The Iroquois Indians The Kickapoo Indians
The Delaware Indians The Lumbee Indians The Maliseet Indian The Maumee Indians The Menomini Indians
The Miccosukee Indians The Mi'kmaq Indians The Mohawk Indians The Mohegan Indians The Mohican Indians
The Montagnais Indians The Nanticoke Indians The Oneida Indians The Onondaga Indian The Ottawa Indians
The Passamaquoddy Indian The Penobscot Indian The Potawatomi Indian The Powhatan Indians The Sac and Fox Indians
The Seminole Indians The Seneca Indians The Shawnee The Tuscarora Indians The Wampanoag People
The Winnebago Indians The Wiyot Indians The Yuchi Indians The Yurok Indians

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