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Neutral Indian Tribe (Attawanderons, Neutrals)

Language: The Neutral Indians were a loose confederation of Indian bands of what is now Ontario and New York State. Their English name referred to their peaceful coexistence with both the Huron and Iroquois confederacies, despite the fact that those tribes were at war with one another. The Neutrals do not exist as a distinct tribe today. Their peace with the Iroquois broke down in the late 1600's and the Neutral villages were destroyed, with most of the survivors joining the Erie, Huron, or Iroquois tribes. Most Neutral descendants live among the Wyandot, Mohawk, and Seneca nations today. Few records remain of their language, but it was likely an Iroquoian language like Huron.

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Names: The Neutrals have also been known by the French name Neutre and the Huron name Attawanderon (or Attiwanderon.) If they had a name for their own confederation, it was never recorded; they generally referred to themselves by their individual band names, of which the most important are the Chonnonton and the Niagara.

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Books for sale on the Neutrals Indians
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Eighteenth-Century Wyandot: A Clan-Based Study:
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Neutrals Tribe:
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