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Native American Northern Lights Mythology

The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, were considered sacred by many native tribes. The Inuit and northern Algonquian tribes believed that the spirits of the dead could be seen in the Northern Lights.

Native American Northern Lights Gods and Spirits

*Selamiut (Inuit/Eskimo)

Native American Legends About The Northern Lights

Wa-Ba-Ba-Nal, the Northern Lights * M'Sartto and the Northern Lights:
    Penobscot Indian stories about the Aurora Borealis being caused by a celestial ball game.
*Legends and Folklore of the Northern Lights:
    Brief summaries of Northern Lights beliefs in different Native American and Eskimo communities.
*Legends and Folklore of the Northern Lights:
    Aurora Borealis stories from the Algonquin, Makah, and Tlingit tribes.
*Cipayak, the Northern Lights:
    Cree legend about a disobedient youth who offended the Northern Lights.

Recommended Books about the Northern Lights in Native American Myth and Legend
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Northern Lights: The Soccer Trails:
    Beautiful and powerful picture book for children about the importance of the Northern Lights to Inuit (Eskimo) spirituality.
*Northern Lights: The Science, Myth, and Wonder of Aurora Borealis * Aurora: The Mysterious Northern Lights:
    Two interesting books about the importance of the northern lights throughout history, including in Native North America.

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