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Pecos Tribe

The Pecos Indians were a Pueblo people of what is now New Mexico, speakers of a Towa dialect. The Pecos no longer exist as a distinct tribe. Decimated by famine, warfare, and disease, the surviving Pecos people moved west to join their kinsfolk at Jemez Pueblo. Most Pecos descendants are still living at Jemez today.

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Pecos Language Links

Pecos Language Tree:
    Theories about Pecos language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Towa Language:
    Our resources about the Towa Pueblo language, including Pecos.

Pecos Culture and History Links

Pueblo of Jemez:
    Homepage of Jemez Pueblo, where the Pecos people live today.
Cicuique (Pecos Pueblo):
    History of the Pecos Indians in New Mexico.
Pecos Tribe History:
    Article on the Pecos tribe from the Handbook of American Indians.
The Prehistory of the Pecos Indians:
    Archaeological information about the Pecos people.
Pueblo Indians Receive Remains of Ancestors:
    News article about the repatriation of Pecos graves to the Jemez Pueblo.
The People of Cicuye/Pecos:
    Culture and history of the early Pecos pueblo.
Pecos Pueblo:
    Wikipedia article on the Pecos Indians.
Four Directions: Pecos:
    Timeline and links about Pecos history.

Books for sale on the Pecos Indians
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Pecos Pueblo People Through the Ages: Stories of Time and Place:
    Interesting book on the history of the Pecos Indian tribe.
Pecos Pueblo Revisited: The Biological and Social Context:
    Archaeology book about excavations at the Pecos Pueblo site.

Links, References, and Additional Information

Pecos Tribe:
Pecos links page.
Los Pueblos:
Information about the Pecos and other Pueblo peoples in Spanish.

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