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Pshwanwapam Indian Tribe (Shanwappom)

The Pshwanwapam Indians were a small tribe of Washington state, relatives of the Yakama Indians. They were also known as the Pshwanapam, Pswanwapam, Shanwappom, or Upper Yakima. The Pshwanwapam language is no longer spoken today, but is believed to have been a Yakama dialect. Like many other West Coast Indian tribes, the Pshwanwapam Indians were relocated to the Cowlitz Reservation during the 1800's, where they merged with other native peoples and their languages rapidly vanished. Most Pshwanwapam descendants still live at Cowlitz today.

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Pshwanwapam Language Links

MultiTree: Pshwanwapam Dialect:
    Theories about Pshwanwapam's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Yakama Language:
    Our resources about the Yakama/Sahaptian language (including Pshwanwapam.)

Pshwanwapam Culture and History Links

The Cowlitz Tribe:
    Homepage of the reservation where most Pshwanwapam descendants live today.

Books for sale on the Pshwanwapam Indians

A Guide to the Indian Tribes of the Pacific Northwest:
    Book on the history of the Northwest Coast tribes, including a section on the Pshwanapam.

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