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Puinave Indian Language

Puinave is a language isolate of South America, not known to be related to any other living language. Some linguists believe it may be related to the Maku languages.
Puinave is spoken by around 2000 people in Columbia and Venezuela.

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Puinave Language Resources

Northern Colombia Language Map:
    Map showing where in South America the Puinave language is spoken.
    Wikipedia article about the Puinave language.
House of Languages: Puinave:
    Information about Puinave language usage.
Puinave Language:
     Demographic information about Puinave from the Ethnologue of Languages.

Puinave Culture and History Links

Orinoco Online: Puinave:
    Culture and traditions of the Puinave, with photographs of Puinave artifacts.
  Los indios puinave:
  Information about the Puinave tribe in Spanish.

Links, References, and Additional Information

    Lengua Puinave:
    Overview of the Puinave language in Spanish.

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