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South Carolina Native Animal Words

Here are the American Indian names of six native animals of South Carolina. We have given their names in three different Indian languages: Catawba, Cherokee,, and Creek. As you can see, the languages of these three tribes were totally different. They needed interpreters to talk to each other.

South Carolina Native Animal Names

Catawba: widəboye (pronounced wee-duh-boh-yay)
Cherokee: ahawi (pronounced ah-wee)
Creek: eco (pronounced itch-oh)

Catawba: ciqəne (pronounced chee-kuh-nay)
Cherokee: kvtli (pronounced cutt-lee)
Creek: wotko (pronounced wote-koh)

Catawba: dəpəyamuye (pronounced duh-puh-yah-moo-yay)
Cherokee: tsutla (pronounced joot-lah)
Creek: culv (pronounced chull-uh)

Catawba: pvnwan (pronounced pun-wahn)
Cherokee: tsisdu (pronounced jeese-doo)
Creek: cufe (pronounced chuff-eh)

Catawba: panyan (pronounced pahn-yahn)
Cherokee: saloli (pronounced sah-lo-lee)
Creek: ero (pronounced ith-lo)

Catawba: ya (pronounced yah)
Cherokee: inada (pronounced ee-nah-dah)
Creek: cetto (pronounced chit-toh)

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