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Uru Indian Language (Uro)

Language: Uru is an Uru-Chipayan language of Bolivia and Peru. Though some Uru people call themselves "Puquinas," the Uru language is unrelated to the ancient Puquina language. Uru is still spoken today by only a few elders.

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Names: Uru is their name in the language of their Aymara neighbors. In their own language, they called themselves Qhas qut suñi, which means "water people." The Urus have intermarried with the Aymaras and most Uru people speak Aymara today, so Uru or Uma Jaqe (which means "water people" in Aymara) are more commonly used. Other spellings of these names include Uro, Qhas qot zoñi, and Uma Jaqi.

Uru Language Resources

Indigenous languages of Bolivia:
    Map showing where in Bolivia the Uru language is spoken.
Ethnologue: Uru Language:
    Demographic information on the Uru language.
Uru Language Tree:
    Theories about Uru's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
La Lengua Uru:
    Uru language information including a linguistic map of Bolivia. Page in Spanish.
Idioma Uru:
    Article about the Uru language in Spanish.

Uru Culture and History Links

The Uros People of Lake Titicaca:
    Information and photographs about the Uro tribe.
The Floating Islands of the Uros:
    Article about tradition and change among the Uro people.
The Uros Indians:
    Culture and art of the Uru tribe.
Wikipedia: Uru People:
    Encyclopedia articles about the Uro tribe.
Los Uros * Los Uros: Las islas flotantes * Cultura Uru * Pueblo Uru * Isla Uros de Puno:
    Information about the Urus in Spanish.

Uru Books for Sale Online
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People of the Water: Change and Continuity Among the Uru-Chipayans of Bolivia:
    Interesting book about the evolution of Uru culture.
The Languages of the Andes:
    Linguistic information about Uru and dozens of other Andean languages.
La emigración Uru-Chipaya:
    Book in Spanish about the migrations of the Uru people.

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