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Native Languages of the Americas:
American Indian Dictionaries and Language Books

This page is our collection of links to Native American dictionaries, language learning books, and audio courses for sale online. If you would like to recommend an American Indian dictionary for this page, please contact us with your suggestion -- we're always excited to promote new language learning materials!

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General Native American Language Books
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The Languages of Native North America:
     Comprehensive linguistic reference by Marianne Mithun. If you're interested in more than one Indian
     language this is your first stop. Brief profiles of each and every language, linguistic information about
     unusual features of some of the languages, and the bibliography is priceless.
American Indian Languages: Cultural and Social Contexts:
     A good introduction to the diversity of indigenous languages of North, Central, and South America,
     with particular emphasis on sociolinguistics and language use.
O Brave New Words!:
     This is a book about English loanwords that come from Native American languages. Very thorough
     and interlaced with interesting historical information as well.
Native American Placenames of the United States:
     A well-researched encyclopedia of placenames and their Indian etymologies,
     by linguist William Bright.
Native American Language Ideologies: Beliefs, Practices, and Struggles in Indian Country:
     Collection of essays on Native American language communities, sociolinguistics, and tribal language preservation today.
Telling Stories in the Face of Danger: Language Renewal in Native American Communities:
     Book about Native American storytelling, language revival, and cultural tradition.
Syntax and Semantics: Native American Languages:
     Linguistic text surveying the grammar of Amerindian languages.
Born in the Blood: On Native American Translation:
     Fascinating book about the complications and perils of Native American language translations.
Flutes of Fire: Essays on California Indian Languages:
     Excellent collection of essays about the Native American languages of California.
Crossing Mountains: Native American Language Education in Public Schools:
     An in-depth look at Native American language preservation and usage in Montana.

Specific Native American Dictionary and Language Learning Books

Apache Indian Dictionary * Blackfoot Language Dictionary:
    Cree Indian Dictionary * Creek/Muskogee Dictionary * Delaware Indian Dictionary:
    Lakota Sioux Dictionary * Maliseet Indian Dictionary:
    Mohawk-English Dictionary:* Ojibwe Language Dictionary:
    Nahuatl (Aztec) Dictionary: * Salish Dictionary: * Tsimshian Language Dictionary:
    Native American language dictionaries for sale.
Apache Lessons: * Cherokee Lessons: * Cheyenne Lessons: * Cree Lessons: * Lakota Lessons: * Mohawk Lessons:
     Ojibwe Lessons:
     Native American language learning CDs and workbooks for sale.
Native Languages of the Southeastern United States: * A Grammar of Crow: * Blackfoot Grammar:
     A Grammar of Comanche: The Arapaho Language:
     Native American grammar and linguistics texts for sale.
Wisdom Sits in Places: Landscape and Language Among the Western Apache: * 'You're So Fat!': Exploring Ojibwe Discourse:
     Language Shift among the Navajos: Identity Politics and Cultural Continuity: * Defying Maliseet Language Death:
     * We Are Our Language:
     Books about Native American sociolinguistics and language preservation.
Living Our Language: Ojibwe Tales & Oral Histories: * Mesoamerican Voices: Native Language Writings from Colonial Mexico, Yucatan, and Guatemala:
     Odawa Language and Legends:
     Books of folklore and traditional narratives in the original Native American languages, with English translation.
Abnaki Language * Achumawi Language * Aleut Language * Algonquin Language * Apache Language
     Arapaho Language: * Atikamekw Language * Blackfoot Language * Cayuga Language * Cheyenne Language
     Comanche Language * Cree Language: * Creek Language * Innu Language * Kickapoo Language
     Lakota Language * Lenape Language * Massachusett Language: * Maya Language * Menominee Language
     Miami-Illinois Language * Michif Language: * Mi'kmaq Language: * Nahuatl Language * Navajo Language
     Ojibwe Language * Shoshoni Language * Tlingit Language * Wiyot Language:
     More materials about individual North American Indian languages.
Arawak Language * Aymara Language: * Carib Language * Guarani Language * Mapudungun Language
     Quechua Language:
     More materials about individual South American Indian languages.

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