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Native American Vocabulary: Anauya Words

Welcome to our Anauya vocabulary page! Anauya is an Arawakan language, related to other languages like Arawak and Guajiro. We have included twenty basic Anauya words here, to compare with related American Indian languages. If you need to know an Anauya word that is not currently on our page, you can take part in our Native American words fundraiser or visit our main Anauya language site for more free resources.

Thanks for your interest in Native American languages!

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Anauya Word Set

English/Français/Español Anauya words
One/Un/Uno Ahiari
Two/Deux/Dos Mahoren
Three/Trois/Tres Marahunaka
Sun/Soleil/Sol Ahiri
Water/Eau/Agua Uni
Fire/Feu/Fuego Ríkari
Head/Tete/Cabeza Nunhuída
Hand/Main/Mano Nunkapi

Click here to see Anauya vocabulary words compared to words in related Arawakan languages: Arawakan Indian Words

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