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Vocabulary in Native American Languages: Innu Words

Welcome to our Innu vocabulary page! There are two languages spoken by the Innu, Montagnais and Naskapi. These are related Algonquian languages, but they are different enough that Montagnais and Naskapi speakers cannot easily understand each other. Here is a comparative chart of some basic vocabulary words in the two Innu languages.

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Innu Word Sets

English (Français) Montagnais Naskapi
One (Un) Peiku Paaikw
Two (Deux) Nishu Niisu
Three (Trois) Nishtu Nistu
Four (Quatre) Neu Naaw
Five (Cinq) Patetat Pitaataahch
Man (Homme) Napeu Naapaaw
Woman (Femme) Ishkueu Iskwaaw
Dog (Chien) Atemu Atim
Sun (Soleil) Pishum Piisim
Moon (Lune) Tipishkau-pishum Tipiskaaw-piisim
Water (Eau) Nipi Nipiiy
White (Blanc) Uapau Waapaaw
Yellow (Jaune) Uishauau Wiisaawaaw
Red (Rouge) Mihkuau Miihkwaaw
Black (Noir) Kashteuau or Pinitik Wiipaaw
Eat (Manger) Mitshu Miichisuw
See (Voir) Uapatam Waapaahtim
Hear (Entendre) Pehtam Paahtim
Sing (Chanter) Nikamu Nikimuw
Leave (Partir) Pûshit Nikitaaw

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Innu Picture Dictionaries

Here are some themed Innu word lists we have put together and illustrated for language learners. Feel free to print them out for classroom purposes!

*Montagnais Innu animal words
*Naskapi Innu animal words

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