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Native Argentina Animals

Here are the indigenous words for six native animals of Argentina. We have given their names in four different Indian languages: Aymara, Guarani, Mapudungun, and Quechua.

Argentina Native Animal Names

Aymara: anu
Guarani: jagua
Mapudungun: trewa
Quechua: allqu

Aymara: uturunku
Guarani: jaguarete
Mapudungun: nahuel
Quechua: uthurunku

Aymara: k'usillo
Guarani: ka'i
Mapudungun: malchin
Quechua: k'usillu

Aymara: wank'u
Guarani: tapiti
Mapudungun: koneku
Quechua: tuju

Aymara: uritu
Guarani: kaninde
Mapudungun: trikawe
Quechua: loritu

Aymara: asiru
Guarani: yvyja
Mapudungun: filu
Quechua: katari

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