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Chiriguano Guarani (Guarayo)

Chiriguano is one of the tribes of the Guarani nation of South America, and also the name of their dialect of the indigenous Guarani language. The Chiriguano language is different enough from other forms of Guarani that many linguists consider it a distinct language. Chiriguano is spoken primarily in Bolivia, although there are also some speakers in Paraguay and Argentina. There are around 60,000 speakers of Chiriguano in these countries today.

The origin of the term "Chiriguano" is uncertain. It probably referred in some way to the tribal style of dress ("chiri" means a loincloth in Guarani, and other Guarani subgroups, such as the Chiripo, also have names related to their style of clothing.) The people usually call themselves Ava, which means "men," but since this word is the same in all Guarani languages it is a common source of confusion regarding which indigenous langage or community is being referred to. Besides Chiriguano, this group is also often known as Guarayo, Western Guarani, Bolivian Guarani, Argentine Guarani, or Guarani Pe. Sometimes their language is called "Eastern Bolivian Guarani" to differentiate it from Simba Guarani which is spoken even further to the west. Izoceño, Tapui, and Tembeta are the names of Chiriguano subgroups, and Chawuncu was the name they were called by their Quechua neighbors. Alternate spellings of these names include Chiriguana, Chiriguanaes, Giriguano; Guarayu; Guaraní Occidental; Izoceno, Izocenio, Isosó, Izozó, Izozog; Chahuanco, Chaguanco, Chavanco, Tsawanko, or Chaguanaco.

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Chiriguano Guarani Language Links

Human Rights: Bolivian Guarani
    Translation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights into the Guarani language.
Words of Life: Izoceno Guarani * Eastern Bolivian Guarani * Lord's Prayer in Chiriguano:
    Translations of Bible stories and Christian prayers into the Chiriguano Guarani language.
Guarani Language Tree:
    Theories about Guarani's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Wikipedia: Guaraní:
    Encyclopedia article on Guarani and its dialects.

Books for sale on the Chiriguano Guarani
Our organization earns a commission from any book bought through these links

Diccionario Chiriguano-Español
    Spanish-Chiriguano dictionary for sale online.
*Peoples of the Gran Chaco:
    Book of essays on the Guarani and other Chacoan tribes of the South American interior.

Maps of Chiriguano Guarani Lands

Bolivian Language Map * Paraguay Language Map:
    Map showing the location of the Chiriguano people ("Eastern Bolivian Guarani") in Bolivia and Paraguay.
Argentina and Chile:
    Map showing where in Argentina the Chiriguano ("Western Argentine Guarani") are located.
Tribes of the Gran Chaco:
    Historical map of the Chaco Plain showing the original location of the Chiriguano tribe at the time of first contact.

Chiriguano Indian Lifestyle and Traditions

Chiriguano People:
     Articles on Chiriguano culture, history and religion.
Museo Guarani:
    Homepage of the Guarani museum in Bolivia.
Guarani Indian Legends:
    Collection of Guarani legends and folktales.
Chiriguano Cultural Objects:
    Museum exhibit with photographs of Chiriguano artifacts.

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Links, References, and Additional Information

  OLAC Eastern Bolivian Guarani:
  Reference list of Guarani language materials.
  Wikipedia: Chiriguanos * Britannica: Chiriguano:
  Encyclopedia articles about the Chiriguano Indians.
  Los Chiriguanos * Los Inoceños * Los Ava, Inoceños y Simba * Los Guaraní-Chiriguano:
  Information about the Chiriguano tribe in Spanish.

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