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Conestoga Indians

The Conestoga Indians were an Iroquoian tribe of Pennsylvania and Maryland, also known as the Susquehannock or Andaste. The Conestoga language is no longer spoken. The Conestogas suffered heavy losses from disease and warfare after colonization, and the survivors were killed in a massacre in 1763. There are still said to be some Conestoga descendants among the Lenape and Iroquois people who were moved to Oklahoma.

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Conestoga Language Resources

Susquehannock/Conestoga Vocabulary
     Our list of vocabulary words in the Conestoga language, with comparison to words in other Iroquoian languages.
MultiTree: Susquehannock/Conestoga:
    Theories about Conestoga's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Ethnologue: Conestoga
     Demographic information about the Susquehannock/Conestoga language.

Conestoga Culture and History Links

Conestoga Tribe History:
    Article on the Conestoga tribe from the Handbook of American Indians.
Indian account of the Conestoga massacre * Massacre of the Conestoga * The Conestoga Massacre * Where are the Susquehannock?:
    History of the Conestoga massacre of 1763.
Oklahoma Historical Society: The Conestoga
     Story of the Conestoga tribe.
Four Directions: Conestoga/Susquehannock:
    Timeline and links about Conestoga history.

Books for sale on the Conestoga Indians
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Massacre of the Conestogas: On the Trail of the Paxton Boys in Lancaster County:
    History book about the tragic murder of the last surviving Conestoga families.

Links, References, and Additional Information

Conestoga Tribe:
Conestoga links pages.
Los Conestoga:
Information about the Conestogas and their language in Spanish.

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