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Alabama Culture and History

As a complement to our Alabama language information, here is our collection of indexed links about the Alabama-Coushatta tribe and their society.

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Please note that Alabamas and other American Indians are living people with a present and a future as well as a past. Alabama history is interesting and important, but the Alabama Indians are still here today, too, and we try to feature modern writers as well as traditional folklore, contemporary art as well as museum pieces, and issues and struggles of today as well as the tragedies of yesterday. Suggestions for new links are always welcome.

Our Alabama Websites

Alabama Language:
    Information and language learning materials from the Alabama Indian language.
Alabama Facts for Kids:
    Questions and answers about Alabama culture.
Alabama Legends:
    Collection of Alabama Indian legends and folktales.

Alabama Tribal and Community Websites

Alabama-Coushatta Indian Reservation:
    Homepage of the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas.
Alabama-Quassarte Tribal Town:
    Homepage of the Alabama Indians who live in Oklahoma with the Muscogees.

Books for sale on the Alabamas

Journey to the West: The Alabama and Coushatta Indians:
    Excellent history book on the colonization and migrations of the Alabama tribe.
The Alabama-Coushatta Indians:
    History and culture of the Alabama-Coushatta tribe, written by a Native author.
Myths and Folktales of the Alabama-Coushatta Indians of Texas:
    Book of traditional Koasati and Alabama Indian stories.
The Winding Trail: The Story of the Alabama-Coushatta Indians:
    A good kids' book on the Alabama Indians.
Kalita's People: A history of the Alabama-Coushatta Indians of Texas:
    History book about the travels of the Alabama and Coushatta Indians.
*When the Storm God Rides:
    Stories from the Comanche, Caddo, and Alabama tribes.
American Indian Books:
    Evolving list of books about Native Americans in general.

Maps of Alabama Lands

Alabama Indian Maps:
    Tribal map showing the original territory of the Alabama Indians and their neighbors.
Texas Indian Reservations:
    Map showing the location of the Alabama reservation today.
Virtual Museum of New France: Southeastern Indians:
    Historical maps and articles about the Alabama, Cherokee, Natchez, and other southeast tribes.

Alabama Lifestyle and Tradition

The Alabama Coushatta Indians:
    Information on Alabama culture and history, including a legend and an interview with the tribal chief.
Alabama Legends:
    Collection of Alabama Indian legends and folktales.
Myths and Tales of the Southeastern Indians:
    Online book of Alabama-Coushatta, Hitchiti, and Creek Indian mythology.
The Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas * The Alabama-Quassarte Tribe of Oklahoma:
    Information and links about each of the Alabama-Koasati tribes today.
Alabama Flag * The Alabama-Quassarte Tribal Flag:
    Alabama Indian flags.
Alabama People:
    Fact sheet on Alabama culture and history.

Alabama History

Alabama Indian History:
    Overview of Alabama history including tribal town names.
    Article on Alabama Indian history from the Handbook of Texas Online.
Autauga * Wetumpka * Tawasha * Pawokti * Okechoyatte:
    Information about historical Alabama bands and villages.

Alabama Politics, Issues, and News

Our Tribe Was a Victim, Not a Client * Texas Tribe Files Suit Over Casino:
    Alabama-Coushatta Tribe Sues Abramoff, Reed:
    News articles about lobbyist Abramoff's extortion of the Alabama-Coushatta tribe and closing of their casino.

Alabama Genealogy

Alabama-Coushatta Genealogy Forum:
    Messageboard for Alabama-Coushatta Indian descendants.
American Indian Genealogy:
    Direction for those seeking Alabama and other American Indian ancestors.

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Links, References, and Additional Information

  Wikipedia: Alabama People * Alabama Indians * Alabama: * Alabama-Coushatta:
  Encyclopedia articles on the Alabama tribe.
  Los Alabama:
  Information on the Alabama tribe in Spanish.
  Alabama-Coushatta Indians * Alabamas:
  Alabama links.
  Alabama Tribe:
  Alabama Indian books.

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