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Joseph Bruchac

Joseph Bruchac is an Abenaki Indian author and storyteller. He is one of the most prominent contemporary Native American storytellers today. James Bruchac is his son, who also is a storyteller. Bruchac's books about Native American life in the past and present are highly recommended by us for their accuracy and story quality.

Books by Joseph Bruchac

Bruchac is an incredibly prolific author with more than a hundred books to his name, but here are our recommendations for some of our favorites:

Dawn Land:
    An interesting graphic novel based on Joseph Bruchac's retelling of Abenaki creation myths.
Code Talker:
    Excellent historical fiction based on the Navajo men who encoded secret messages for the Marines during World War II.
Crazy Horse's Vision * A Boy Called Slow:
    Children's biographies of Native American historical figures by Joseph Bruchac.
Native American Animal Stories * The Earth under Sky Bear's Feet * Between Earth & Sky:
    Collections of traditional Native American legends told by Joseph Bruchac.
How Chipmunk Got His Stripes * The First Strawberries * Rabbit's Snow Dance * Many Nations:
    Children's picture books by Joseph Bruchac based on Native American legends.
Eagle Song * The Heart of a Chief * The Warriors:
    Chapter books by Joseph Bruchac about contemporary Native American kids.
Pushing Up The Sky:
    Collection of plays for kids written by Joseph Bruchac.
Skeleton Man:
    A modern horror story by Joseph Bruchac based on Native American folklore.
The Winter People * Arrow Over The Door * On This Long Journey:
    Good historical fiction books about Native Americans.

Joseph Bruchac Resources

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Recommended Books

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