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Loco: Apache Indian Chief

Chief Loco was an important 19th-century Apache leader. He was a tribal chief of the Mimbreño band of the Chiricahua Apaches, located in what is now New Mexico. Although he was respected as a warrior and military commander, he is best known for his ultimately unsuccessful attempts to negotiate a favorable peace with the Americans.

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Loco's real name was Łintayitił, often spelled Jlin-tay-i-tith or Lidayisil, which means "stops his horse" in Chiricahua Apache. The name "Loco" is a Spanish name meaning "crazy." Contrary to popular theories, this name was almost certainly NOT an insult from other Apache warriors who disdained his desire to negotiate with the Americans-- he was going by the name "Loco" long before his peace efforts got underway. The word "crazy" is used in a non-pejorative way by many Native American tribes to refer to fearlessness and divine inspiration in battle (examples of this would include Crazy Horse of the Lakota, the Creek name "Harjo" which literally means crazy, etc.) Oral history suggests that Loco got his "crazy" reputation due to his ferocity fighting the Mexicans, and his everyday nickname was probably a Spanish translation of an Apache war sobriquet he had earned in that way.

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