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Lozen: Apache Warrior Woman

Lozen was a 19th-century Apache medicine woman and war leader. She was a spiritual leader of the Chihende band of the Chiricahua Apaches (also known as the Mimbres or Warm Springs Apaches), located in what is now New Mexico. Lozen was the sister of the Warm Springs Apache chief Victorio, who respected her greatly and was quoted as referring to her as his "right hand" in battle. Besides being a capable warrior, Lozen was important to the Apache forces for her skill at military strategy and her medicine powers, which the other warriors believed gave her sixth sense about enemy movements or even invulnerability in combat.

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The name "Lozen" was an Apache war title, meaning one who has stolen horses in a raid. Many Apache people of the time period went by titles or nicknames in public and used their Indian names sparingly, believing that this conserved their spiritual power. To the best of our knowledge Lozen's personal name is not known.

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