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Apache Chief Mangas Coloradas (Red Sleeves)

Mangas Coloradas was an important 19th-century Apache chief and war hero. He was a tribal leader of the Chihende band of the Chiricahua Apaches, located in what is now Arizona and New Mexico, and at the height of his power acted as principal chief for most of the Chiricahua people. His daughters were married to the equally important Chiricahua leaders Cochise and Victorio. Mangas Coloradas was one of the driving forces during the Apache Wars, renowned for his military resistance against both Mexican and American forces.

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Mangas Coloradas's real name was said to be Dasoda-hae or Dasodaha, which means "sits in place" in Chiricahua Apache, but he was also known by the war sobriquet Kan-da-zis Tlishishen, "red shirt," which the Mexicans translated into "Mangas Coloradas" ("red sleeves.")

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