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Mawooshen Indian Tribe

"Mawooshen" is the name of one of the bands or subgroups of the Wabanaki, located in what is now Maine. The name Mawooshen is of uncertain origins, but may be an English corruption of a Wabanaki word for "walk together." The Mawooshen people were hard-hit by European diseases and merged into other Wabanaki groups of Maine, where their descendants still live today.

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Mawooshen Tribe Resources

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Books about the Mawooshens

Here are a few good books about the Mawooshen and other Abenaki-Penobscot bands of Maine:
 Norumbega Reconsidered: Mawooshen and the Wawenoc Diaspora
 Twelve Thousand Years: American Indians in Maine
 The Language of Basket Making

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