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Karankawa Indian Language

Karankawa is an extinct language of the East Texas coast. Karankawa is generally considered a language isolate (a language unrelated to any other known language), though some linguists have tried to link it to the Coahuiltecan, Hokan, or even Carib language families. Since few records of the language remain and those records contain many discrepancies, this question will probably never be answered conclusively. The Karankawa language has not been spoken since the 1850's.

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Karankawa Language Resources

Karankawa Vocabulary
     Our list of vocabulary words in the Karankawa language.
Karankawa Language Tree:
    Theories about Karankawa's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Karankawa Language Structures:
    Karankawa linguistic profile and academic bibliography.

Karankawa Culture and History Links

The Karankawa Indians
     Overview of Karankawa history, with different records of European interactions with the Karankawas.
Texas Indian Maps:
    Tribal map showing the original territory of the Karankawa Indians and their neighbors.
Karankawa Indians
     Article on Karankawa history and culture from the Handbook of Texas Online.
Karankawa Indian Tribe
     History and genealogy of the Karankawa Indians.
Written In Smoke
     Article on the Karankawa tribe and their little-known culture.
The Karankawa
     Essay on the Karankawas of Texas.
The Coastal Indians of Texas:
    Data on the history of the Atakapa and Karankawa tribes.
     Wikipedia article on the Karankawa tribe.
Four Directions: Karankawan Tribes:
    Timeline and links about Karankawa history.

Books for sale on the Karankawas
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The Karankawa Indians of Texas
     Historical study of the Karankawas with an emphasis on their ecological niche.
The Karankawa Indians: The Coast People Of Texas
     Gatschet's classic ethnography of the Karankawa tribe.
The Karankawa of Texas
     Book for kids on the Karankawa Indian culture.
The Conquest of the Karankawas and the Tonkawas
     History book on the American domination of the Karankawa tribe.

Additional Resources, Links, and References

   Lengua Karankawa:
   Information about the Karankawa language in Spanish.
   Karankawa Tribe:
   Karankawa links.

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