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Kaskinampo (Casqui, Casquin)

"Kaskinampo" was the name of a Native American band of Arkansas. The origin and meaning of this name are uncertain, but some scholars have connected it with the Alabama or Koasati language. Historical records of the Kaskinampo band are spotty, but most people believed they merged with the Coushatta tribe, whose kinfolk they probably were. The Kaskinampo were evidently speakers of a Muskogean language, possibly Koasati or a related dialect, but so little linguistic information has been preserved that it is impossible to say for sure. Alternate spellings for this tribe in historical documents include Casqui, Casquin, Kakinonba, Kashinampo, Kaskinonba, Kasquinampo, Kachkinouba, Kaskin8ba, Caschinampo, Casquinampogamou, and Caskinampo.

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