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Kolchan Indian Tribe

The Kolchan Indians (also spelled Goltsan) are an Athabaskan tribe of Alaska, relatives of the Deg Hitan and Tanana tribes. The Kolchan are speakers of the Upper Kuskokwim language. Along with other Upper Kuskokwim and Deg Hitan bands, they have also been known as Ingaliks, but this is a name that many of the people do not prefer. Their name for themselves in their own language is Dina'ena, which means "the people," and is very similar to the self-designations used by many other Athabaskan tribes of Alaska and northern Canada.

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Kolchan Culture and History Links

Nikolai Village:
    Homepage of Nikolai Native Village in Alaska, where most Kolchan people live today.
The Kolchan: Delineation of a new Northern Athapaskan Indian group:
    Ethnographic paper on the Kolchan Athabaskans.
Wikipedia: Kolchan:
    Wikipedia article on the Kolchan and other Upper Kuskokwim people.
Athabaskan Clothes:
    Pictures of Alaskan Athabaskan clothing, jewelry and beadwork.
Four Directions: Kolchan:
    Timeline and links about Kolchan history.

Books for sale on the Kolchan Indians
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The Kolchan: Athapaskans of the Upper Kuskokwim:
    Ethnography of the Kolchan tribe for sale online.

Links, References, and Additional Information

Kolchan Tribe:
Links pages about the Kolchans.

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